Who And What Do You Support?

American Made … this 2017 movie with Tom Cruise shows beautifully how your taxpayer money is being used in US, EU or SLovenia.

It doesn’t matter if you like Tom Cruise or not, the point is I always want to be sure I support good things, that bring good opportunities to people around me. I do not want to support slavery, exploitation, abuse, cheating, war, drugs…

But do I have any word in all this, can I decide what I support with my money?

Gemstone University… I found this university that should give me the power to decide what I support with my money… any experience with this university, anyone?




About Svoboden svet

Smo skupina ljudi, ki se zavzema za svoboden svet, brez okov zakonov, davkov, prispevkov, licenc,… ki ne koristijo nam ljudem, pač pa zgolj korporacijam, ki nas želijo zasužnjiti.
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