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Smo skupina ljudi, ki se zavzema za svoboden svet, brez okov zakonov, davkov, prispevkov, licenc,… ki ne koristijo nam ljudem, pač pa zgolj korporacijam, ki nas želijo zasužnjiti.

Who And What Do You Support?

American Made … this 2017 movie with Tom Cruise shows beautifully how your taxpayer money is being used in US, EU or SLovenia. It doesn’t matter if you like Tom Cruise or not, the point is I always want to be … Nadaljujte z branjem

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Država je največja ovira za blagostanje

Če pomisliš na to, koliko davkov plačujemo posamezniki in podjetja, se težko izogneš logičnemu zaključku, da nam je država največja ovira na poti do blagostanja. Mogoče kdo celo pomisli, da je država največji parazit, pijavka, klop posameznika in vsakega podjetja. … Nadaljujte z branjem

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Why government can demand your child to get vaccinated?

If you understand Italian… Here is a lecture that gives you a clear answer to the question: Are we really the property of the state?

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Coming technology – super suits

This interview is good to watch, no matter if it is true or not… expand your horizons…

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Lawsuit against Apple alleges ‘older iPhone models slow down when new models come out’

As much as I love Apple solutions and my iPhone 5s, I am very disappointed that Apple is trying to slow down my iphone, allegedly for my safety … I knew this for some time, but now apple is also … Nadaljujte z branjem

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This mandatory vaccination business is simply that… a business. It sounds as if the Swedish parliament has come to their senses with this act. This is definitely where it’s heading. “Sweden has banned mandatory…

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Originally posted on Kauilapele's Blog:
In my view, there should be a full and complete environmental impact study beofre doing anything more. Better yet, just bring all of those hidden free energy technologies and get rid of the oil-coal-gasoline…

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